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Our Products :
Steel has become one of the most important building material for many years. It can be cut, moulded and welded to make desired structures for our use. We construct steel structures for the following:

Aircraft Hangars
Bus Stations
Community Halls
Cold Storages
Exhibition Halls
Factory Sheds
Green Houses
Grain Stores

Labour Quarters
Power Stations
Site Offices
Sports Halls
School Buildings
Ship Breaking Yards
Transit Camps
Welfare Centres
Workshop Shed

We design, fabricate, erect and complete the shed as per the customers requirements.

1.Prefabricated Tubular Steel Structure :
Tubing used for years to convey liquids and gases has now found its place in building construction. the cost of maintenance, painting, fire-proofing, protective coating, etc reduce considerably. Moisture and dirt do not collect on the smooth external surfaces of tubes, thus reducing the possibility of corrosion. Since the ends of the tubes are sealed the interior surface of tubes is not subject to corrosion. The tubular section has more torsional resistance than other sections of equal weight. The tube sections have higher frequency vibration under the dynamic loading than other sections including the solid round one. Also tubular sections offer less resistance to wind. These tubular sheds are entirely prefabricated and can be transported to site in knock-down condition. No welding facility is required at site.

prefabricated steel structure

Dalal Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

2. Conventional Steel Structures :
These kinds of sheds have been in use for a long time. They are fabricated by using angles, channels and beams. We also undertake designing, fabrication of these kinds of sheds.

3. Portable cabins :
Portable cabins are meticulously designed and manufactured in our factory as per the customers requirements. They are attractive in design, economical to maintain, dependable and durable.
Salient Features: 
 Frame is made of M.S. square bar which is durable and can sustain adverse weather conditions. The floor is made of marinated ply covered with elegant flooring. The roof is made of aluminum sheets which keeps it cool in summer and warm in winter due to its reflectivity and ammesavity.
B. Can be erected on concrete blocks without any special foundation.
C. It is easily transportable.
D. Can be installed within a few hours with the help of nuts and bolts. No crane is required.
E. Negligible maintenance cost.
F. These cabins can be fitted with required electric fittings, telephone fittings, etc on demand. 

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